Neck wrinkle cream

Gold 'n' Pearls Neck & Face Formula

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  • Neck Firming Pot of Goodness. Formulated with Miraculous Age Defying Ingredients: This RICH and LUXURIOUS anti wrinkle formula blends healing gold leaf foil particles with tremella, which supports the body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid. Natural seaweed reverses the signs of ageing and pearl powder creates a beautiful glow for radiant skin


  • More Effective than Creams and Emollients: Each pearl capsule is packed with a potent serum well suited for your face, as well as your neck and décolletage. Contained within the capsule, the delicate ingredients are protected from degradation caused by lights, temperature and time. Simply press onto the included spatula and apply.


  • Delightful Scent with a Creamy Texture: The light coconut fragrance enhances the experience and uplifts it to luxury spa treat. The serum’s texture is divine and smooth. You deserve this type of attention in your skin care routine. It rejuvenates your skin creating firmness to reduce fine lines and radiance for brighter tighter skin.


  • A Superior Skin Moisturizer for Women of All Ages: Fortified with natural ingredients harvested in Mother Nature, Alluring Alice’s Gold ‘n’ Pearls Neck Gel is a superb at hydrating and protecting your skin during the day and night. Buy it today and you’ll immediately replace your other facial and neck creams with this skin nourishing gel.