Why are the prices different?

You may notice our prices are different on our website to our prices on Amazon. This is because Amazon takes a fee for listing and shipping our products to you. We include shipping with the price you see on our site. If you have Amazon Prime it may be cheaper for you to purchase our products on Amazon UK. We also run various sales and promotions across our sales channels so be sure to check you are getting the best price.


I found a surprise in my box...?

We love our customers and we like to insert a small gift into a large percentage of our boxes as a small token of how we appreciate you

How do the pads work?

Please see this article for a comprehensive answer How The Pads Work

How long will my pad last?

Your Alice Chest Pad will last up to approximately 20 days depending on its care.

How long until I see chest pad results?

As soon as you remove the pad after the first use! With continued use lines will become less and less visible as the collagen drawn to the area increases moisture and healing properties set to work.

Wearing the pads nightly will prevent any further lines and creases as the pad prevents your breasts from laying on one another as you sleep, and your body can relax into the sheets without any creasing.

As with any topical treatment such as your daily moisturiser, or hair conditioner, if you cease to use it it will no longer keep working!

Do I need to wash the pad?

Yes! after a couple of uses be sure to rinse the pad and let it air dry to remove any dust or lint. Place it in its box to keep it clean until its next use.

How should I store my pad?

Place the Alice Pad back on the plastic backing and store it inside the box it came in. Some of our customers like to place it straight back into the box without the plastic backing as they feel it preserves the adhesive and therefore the pads use for longer.

Why isn't the chest pad working for me? 

If you are a lady of a certain age, our pads may not work as effectively for you. This is because the pads work on localising collagen to the area most needed. As we age our collagen levels naturally deplete and the effect of the pad will be less.

Please make absolutely sure your skin is clean, dry and free of any creams and oils (or fake tan as it may lift the tan off in the area the pad adheres to) to ensure the product works most effectively.

There is a slight chance the pads won't work with your skins composition, in the same way that some creams work wonders for some, and not for others, however, we are yet to find anyone who hasn't had a positive result to some degree.

My pad is no longer sticking!

If your pad hasn't lasted more than a few uses please get in touch and we shall refund or replace it. Sometimes a pad with less adhesive than is needed will sneak through. We don't expect customers to pay for something that doesn't do as promised so please get in touch and let us help you.

You can ensure your pad stays sticky for as long as possible by keeping your chest area free of all creams and lotions before use. You can also revive the adhesive sometimes by using a hairdryer on its low warm setting when the pad is slightly damp.


How long should I wear the chest pad?

Ideally for 6-7 hours overnight, but you can wear it during the day, or even all day and night! Some people wear their pad for a few hours before a night out to ensure their decolletage is looking smooth and alluring.

Are the pads FDA Approved?

No! As yet our pads are not FDA approved. However, please understand the FDA do not actually approve health care facilities, laboratories or manufacturers. The FDA do not have the authority to inspect facilities. They only review clinical test results that are completed by the manufacturer.


What certification do your chest pads have?

Our pads are SGS certified. This means the General Society of Surveillance, who is a multi-national company with their headquarters in Geneva, have provided inspection, verification and testing. They ensure the quality and requirements of our products meet the standards set by governments and standardisation bodies.

Are your chest pads suitable for me?

As long as you do not have broken or irritated skin, or any known allergy to Silicon or adhesive, our pads should be suitable for you. Please test by wearing for a short period of time initially, and if any irritation occurs, wash the area and do not use the pad again.


I am unhappy! What should I do?

We are very very sorry if you are unhappy :-(  We only want the best for our customers! Please let us know via email or our contact form what the trouble is and what we can do to help.

Where can I leave an honest review?

If you ordered our product via Amazon UK then please do leave us a review here:


We really appreciate every review as it is very important for us smaller companies, and we love you for taking the time to do this for us.

Where else can I buy your products?

At the moment we only sell on Amazon UK. Ebay and at some fairs and events in the UK. We will be expanding into other arenas soon.

Do you sell worldwide?

At the moment we only sell in the UK, but we plan to expand our reach soon

How do I contact Alluring Alice?

Feel free to use our contact form, or email us at info@alluringalice.com