Why You Should Start Using Polyglutamic Acid Today

Polyglutamic acid has only recently been gaining traction and being talked about heavily in the beauty and skincare realm. Before, hyaluronic acid was the reigning champion of the hydrating skincare game-but in recent years, the wonderful benefits of polyglutamic acid have spoken for themselves and demanded attention from skincare junkies and casual consumers alike. While hyaluronic acid is also great for tired, dry skin, polyglutamic acid offers users up to 10x more hydration than hyaluronic acid does, and is the ideal option for anyone who suffers from dry, ageing or dehydrated skin.


Here at Alluring Alice, we make sure to stay on top of the newest, most effective, and best skincare ingredients for our customers, which is why we have designed two products to contain this extremely sought after polyglutamic acid- our innovative Eye Mask Patches that are great for keeping your eyes looking fresh and young (literally plumping out fine lines with every use) and our Gold 'n' Pearls Neck & Face formula that is a top of the line skin moisturizer that works to help firm and tighten the neck, and face. With the amazing benefits of polyglutamic acid in mind with these products, we are 100% sure that purchasing them will benefit you and your skin in numerous ways.


So, what exactly are some of the benefits of this polyglutamic acid that make it so great and raved about? Below, 3 of the most amazing benefits of this skincare miracle are outlined-afterwards, you will definitely be looking to stock up on any product you can get your hands on that contains it!


  1. Decreases Fine Line and Wrinkles

Polyglutamic acid is widely known to improve one's elasticity on their skin due to its wonderful ingredients, effectively making it so that the creases made around one's eyes or mouth when we smile, laugh, or squint will immediately fall back into normal place afterwards- a huge bonus. Additionally, polyglutamic acid can start being worked into your skincare routine even if you are not currently worried about the elasticity of your skin or do not currently have any wrinkles or fine lines, as it is a great preventative product in order to help prevent the future formation of these unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. The earlier one starts using these types of preventative products, the better when it comes to tackling the issues of aging skin before they even arise in the first place.


  1. Moisturizes Your Skin While Retaining Water

A special thing about polyglutamic acid that sets it apart from other products, including hyaluronic acid, is how exactly it works in order to get your skin to become so hydrated. Polyglutamic acid is designed to draw water into the cells, and then uniquely also forms a protective film on top of your skin that keeps this water from evaporating. The result is plump, healthy, and ridiculously hydrated skin-so no need to worry about continuing to shell out money on expensive, thick creams to keep your dry skin salvageable during the bitter winter months. Your skin will be looking bright and gorgeous throughout the whole year by using these products.


  1. Minimizes Pores

Another amazing, key benefit of using products regularly that contain polyglutamic acid is that since your skin will be so supple and hydrated from these products because of their ability to retain so much water-it will also work to diminish the appearance of pores, as well as minimizes any slight or moderate pigmentation you may have on the skin. This not only works to increase one's self confidence levels, as most can attest to the feeling of insecurity when our skin is not up to par with our own standards, but also makes applying makeup a breeze because of the amazing, clear, and hydrated blank canvas we have to work with.


In short, if you have not already begun incorporating polyglutamic acid into your everyday skincare routine-now is the time. While it can be hard to determine exactly which products are the best for our individual needs and preferences, Alluring Alice makes it easy for you to begin using this wonderful ingredient with their innovative products that contain it. You (and your skin) will be grateful that you gave our Eye Mask Patches and Gold 'n' Pearls Neck & Face Formula a try when you see the amazing results they offer.


The Gold ‘n’ Pearls comes with ‘pearls’ packed with a powerhouse of anti-ageing and extremely hydrating ingredients. These are suspended in Aloe Vera Gel. If the postal service is a little rough, then your little pot may already come slightly mixed! If this happens then sadly it may not look like the pictures, but never fear as you need to mix the formula anyway! A little goes a long way, but if you have the type of skin that doesn’t drink it in immediately (lucky you) then dampening your face and neck first and then applying will benefit you. No matter how you need to get this seriously nourishing stuff onto your skin, just get it on there! Your skin will thank you for it!