Anti-wrinkle remedies come a dime a dozen, but the majority of them do not offer wrinkle eradication in many crucial areas of the body. As a result, a lot of women find themselves focusing their skincare routines on their necks and faces alone, neglecting to take care of other areas that are just as affected by wrinkles. If you’re not careful, you risk falling into this pit of redundancy.

Focusing only on the skin above the jawline when it comes to wrinkle prevention is a mistake. Sadly, most women in their thirties don’t realize this as they instead elect to focus on keeping the face, neck, and arms smooth and youthful-looking. Chest wrinkles can be as much of a problem, especially for side sleepers. The delicate skin covering the décolletage (the region around the collarbone and the cleavage) tends to fold up when you sleep on your side. If this sleeping position is repeated, the fold deepens into a nasty wrinkle that can only be smoothed out using costly treatments.

Even without routinely sleeping on their sides, women over the age of thirty are still likely to develop chest wrinkles that can be very costly to remove if left to run rampant. The reason why is because the delicate skin that covers the décolletage is more prone to sagging, chafing from dryness, and sustaining environmental damage from the sun and pollutants. It is no wonder then that most miracle remedies do little to alleviate wrinkles on the chest.

Until recently, the only way to deal with chest wrinkles was to hide them.    That is not the case anymore. The Alice Pad, a pad made of 100 % medical grade silicone, proves to be the most effective solution for chest wrinkles. Few products have come close to working as fast or as effectively as The Alice Chest Pad, and that’s testament enough to just how revolutionary this anti-wrinkle remedy is.

Medical-grade silicone pads have been in use for years, but mainly in the expedition of the healing process of scar tissue. Only recently were they introduced into the skincare industry as possible remedies for chest wrinkles. Silicone pads that you attach to your skin to remove wrinkles sounded a bit too unreal for most, but several positive reviews later, a lot more women were convinced. The pads aren’t just highly effective, they’re also very cost effective. Rather than spend thousands on expensive laser or chemical treatments, women looking to eradicate chest wrinkles opted for this new method instead.

Chest wrinkles may seem insignificant until you realize the ridge of wrinkled skin that is exposed when you wear anything with a low cut. The deeper these wrinkles get, the harder they become to hide.

You have worked hard to keep your skin looking smooth and youthful. Why should you let chest wrinkles sneak up on you, betray your age and ruin your progress?

Getting rid of wrinkles has always been a costly affair. It’s safe to say that that isn’t the case anymore. The Alice Pad is a highly cost-effective, do-it-yourself wrinkle removal method that’s also just plain effective, and very rapid. It is perfect for smoothing out wrinkles that are beginning to show just below the neckline before they evolve into a more permanent problem.