The Anti-Wrinkle Silicone Pad: How It Came To Be

For decades, anti-wrinkle formulas for the face, neck, and even arms have been the basis of several women’s skincare regimens. Wrinkles and fine lines, the well-known signs of diminishing collagen levels, appear as a result of age and the stresses caused on our skin by external factors like UV rays, pollutants, and even gravity.

Silicone pads, before the discovery of their ability to eradicate fine wrinkles, were used primarily in the treatment of ameliorating scars in cancer and burn patients. Later on, it was discovered that the same properties which made these sticky pads so good at healing damaged skin could also be useful when eradicating wrinkles, in particular in one commonly ignored but often affected area: the chest.

Medical grade silicone immediately proved to be a surprisingly successful anti-wrinkle remedy. When stuck to the area in need of de-wrinkling, the sticky silicone pads produced incredible results in just hours. The wrinkled skin around the collarbone, between the breasts, and all the way to the diaphragm rapidly benefited from the silicone pad treatments. So, how is it that a mere pad of medical grade silicone could achieve such results overnight? A look into the science behind it tells us that the process is almost as magical as it seems.

How the Silicone Pad Works

When the anti-wrinkle silicone pad is attached to the skin, electrostatic energy causes it to cling on like a second skin. The silicone pad then pulls water from the deeper layers of the skin to the wrinkled surface and locks it in there. What this does is it creates a microclimate where the skin has access to unlimited hydration from within the body.     By sticking to the surface of the wrinkled skin so tightly, the silicone pad does two things. First, it prevents water loss and thus enforces hydration. Secondly, the tightness of the silicone pad forces the skin to remain smooth even when external factors try to push it back into a wrinkled state. This new microclimate allows the skin to enter a state of homeostasis where it heals and repairs itself and begins to produce more collagen. This is partly the reason why the transformation from wrinkled to smooth skin happens so quickly.

The anti-wrinkle silicone pads are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and rarely bring any discomfort. As a result, women have taken to using these pads overnight to remove chest wrinkles, a task that medical grade silicone pads have proven to be more than capable of.

When (And How) To Use the Silicone Pads

Using the silicone pads to remove wrinkles around the chest and collarbone area is highly recommended. This is because the pads adhere tightly to areas of flat skin, creating a tight seal that allows for the formation of the right microclimate.    Once placed over the wrinkled skin, it is best to leave it overnight (or longer) for the results. Silicone pads will produce results of varying success, (in the same way certain creams work for some and not others) but this is all dependent on your skin’s specific attributes.

When Not To Use Silicone Pads

Silicone pads are an excellent remedy for fine lines and light to moderate chest wrinkles. Deeper, wrinkled skin may not necessarily be healed as fast or as effectively due to the presence of little or no collagen in the area, but this is highly dependent on your own skin.

Chemical peels, lasers, and fillers still have their place in wrinkle removal especially for very deep-seated lines on the collagen-deprived skin. Albeit a lot more expensive and harder to recover from.

Silicone Pads For Chest Wrinkles: The Right Remedy?

Few anti-wrinkle remedies work as fast or as effectively as medical grade silicone, but is that enough to make it a one-size-fits-all solution to solving the problem of lines and wrinkles?   The answer, sadly, is no, simply because silicone pads aren’t as effective on very aged skin, or extremely deep wrinkles and lines. However, some mature-skinned users do see a vast improvement, but still less dramatic results as those with slightly less mature skin. Ideally, pads should be introduced in your thirties or forties (or whenever you begin to see your first chest lines) to prevent them from ever becoming an irreversible problem.

These wrinkle removal pads offer a quick and painless way to get rid of wrinkles without forcing you to go beyond your budget. Even though they may not be as advertised or even as promoted as other skincare products, anti-wrinkle silicone pads are highly effective, and that’s something that every user can attest to. They remain, as yet, a relatively secret weapon.

We highly recommend them for side- sleepers to prevent those creases becoming permanent wrinkles, and for ladies who already have the beginning of crepiness and lines on their decollete.